Industrial Project Shipments

İstaş Transport A.Ş has gained expertise in industrial project transportation by continuously improving its heavy shipping experience for many years. The vast majority of the vehicle fleet it owns serves in this area. It provides project transportation services to regions that require engineering and are difficult to reach due to its geographical location.
İstaş Transport A.Ş also provides load engineering, road surveying service, crane service and load fixing service depending on Project Transportation. It is able to work with the most suitable transportation model for industrial loads thanks to its expert team in land, sea, river, rail and airline.

Load engineering services
Road survey services
Crane (heavy lift) services
Leashing services
Freight engineers examine the properties of industrial loads that need to be transported and identify the vehicles that will carry the load safely. The pressure applied by the load to be transported to the ground per m2 is calculated and vehicles that can carry the load safely are determined accordingly.

Road engineers determine the right route for the loads to be transported. In order to carry the load from the correct route, calculation is made for bridge and tunnel passes taking into account their dimensions and weights, or the transportation route is determined by calculating the lifting capacity of the bridges for the cargo and total weight of the vehicle.
The engineers of İstaş Transport A.Ş determine the correct crane in order to transfer the loads safely by examining the technical drawings. It also monitors the weather conditions so that the crane can transfer safely or by examining the field conditions on which the crane will work, it provides improvement services if necessary.
The most important factor in national and international transportation is the timely and safe delivery of materials and equipment. The lashing (fastening, fixing) system is one of the most important elements that provide transportation safety. lashing (load fixing) services are the determination and application of cargo and transport equipment in all conditions, by the data of external factors, in accordance with international standards.
Teams with load fixing certificate work within İstaş Transport A.Ş. It produces professional solutions thanks to its lashing service units. Applications of our institution within the scope of lashing service:
Fastening the loads on trucks, ships, planes, wagon-like vehicles with the most accurate materials
Provision of load placement of vehicles with transportation services prior to vehicle loading and unloading
Loading and unloading on vehicles according to the road conditions and the importance and sensitivity of the transported cargo; loading and unloading of ship containers
Using special lashing standards (wedge, sponge, airbag, chain, strapping, etc.), fastening and evacuation of vehicles through expert personnel according to lashing rules against jolts and impacts.

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